Hey guys… It has been a while since I gave a book update. Also, I wanted to share some results on the poll I created and let you know what is in store for the Millennial Pastors future.

The Book

Right now I don’t know much and it is kind of weird. I don’t know how many books I have actually sold because reports on that sort of thing come out once a quarter from my publisher. In August I should find out how well it did in April, May, and June which is when it launched. I do know that people did buy it on Amazon, and from Barnes and Noble, and also from this site or in person from me. I just don’t know the totals.

I wouldn’t care that much either, but my publisher keeps dangling a carrot in front of my face.

If my book sells 1,500 copies, Zondervan picks it up (supposedly).  That would be a big deal. It would mean far more exposure for this book by this no-name author. They would also Market the book for me which would be such a huge help.

I suck at marketing. I’m not any better at sales… which puts me in a bind. I want people to read this book, not because I get a royalty, but because the story is important. I got lucky with my church, but not everyone else has the had same experiences as me. My church chose to take a risk on a young guy, and I will be forever grateful they did. Not only am I grateful, I also believe they can be a sort of inspiration for other churches struggling to live in this post-modern, post-Christendom world. There are thousands of churches in North America alone that will be needing to make so difficult decisions in the years to come.

Sometimes you gotta think outside of the box, which may take the form of hiring a millennial to lead your church…

Anyways, the story is important. I think it needs to be shared on a larger scale. So if anyone has any other ideas on how to make that happen, let me know. I wrote a post here outlining ways you can help on a grassroots level as well.

About Church

Since it’s kind of a big deal to me, and central to my life and book, I asked for your feedback. I posted a survey here and asked some broad term questions about the church. Here were the results:

First Survey

Tell me what you think about them!

Until next time…

Peace out!



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