Millennials and memes go together like Baby Boomers and AARP… Let that sink in… 

Maybe you think that is rude, and that’s fair. Most individuals don’t like blanket statements about their generation. Millennials like being chastised for not being mature probably as much as Baby Boomers like being reminded of how old they are. So, to help us all be a little less sensitive to these things I would like to share a bunch of memes about Baby Boomers.

Warning, if you lack a sense of humor you may not want to proceed… By the way, I am the creator of one of these memes. Can you guess which one? For the record, I am sharing this in a comedic way, but in truth, these are the feelings of actual millennials expressed as memes. These are not necessarily my opinions, but they are instead the general feelings that your average millennial may have towards a Baby Boomer. I don’t share this to offend, but to inform, because it is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Continue at your own risk…

The point of a meme is satire

Satire can only be appreciated with a sense of humor

At the heart of all comedy is truth

That’s what makes it funny

Comedy is inherently risky

Because it can lead to hurt feelings

Memes are how Millennials say risky things

When they aren’t brave enough to do it in public

So, as you can see, millennials have all the feels about Boomers. Boomers obviously share some feelings towards millennials as evidenced by these memes and their content. It’s apparent that these two groups seem to be at odds with one another fairly regularly. I’m not sure how helpful that is for anyone.

Millennials: Buck up… Grow a spine, speak up for yourself, be truthful and honest instead of hiding behind memes. Say this stuff to the people that inspired them.

Boomers: Chill out… You were young once, maybe spend a minute reminding yourself that before you lecture using any sentence starting with the words “Well back in my day…” Also, as a millennial, I would like to say we need you, like you needed your parents’ generation, but things are different now and we need help that’s relevant to our situations.

Everyone: Lighten up. Life’s short, laugh a little. While you’re doing that, can you guess which one I made? In my unbiased opinion, it’s the funniest one.

Until next time…

Peace out!


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