The book could be published as soon as next week! I am super excited.

It has been a ridiculously long journey. I started this a year ago this month, and now we are at the end of it. Thanks to everyone who has been following along. I greatly appreciate how much support I have received. It has been incredibly humbling. In turn, I would like to be completely transparent, and let you know what my vision is going forward.

  1. I will make a small royalty from each purchase. I plan on going into more detail about this in the future, but I want to simply state that as fact. This is not why I did it. Honestly, this is probably the worst way for a non-famous person to try and make a living. The deck is stacked against unknown authors. I don’t really care though, money is not a motivator for me. Still, I want to be completely transparent, this will be a modest source of income for me.
  2. This is not why I wrote the book. I wrote the book because I felt called too. I felt that God wanted me to tell the story that He made possible. I am a millennial and I am a lead pastor. Those two labels are significant on their own but when combined they paint a picture that is unique in our world today. Still, this is not the why behind why I felt called to write this book. God is still active in His church, and when we are sensitive to that activity, amazing things can happen. Churches can resist change, resist adapting to remain relevant, or they can learn from the brave leaders of a small church who took a risk on a guy like me. The step of faith they took is why my story is worth telling. When we step into the unknown, there we find God.
  3. This book isn’t going to be a national best-seller and I’m ok with that. I do hope that it starts or maybe just continues a conversation that needs to happen. The generation gap within the church will eventually kill it. We can’t continue doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. I hope this story helps paint a picture of what church can look like in this next generation. I didn’t get it all right, but that’s, not the point. The point is that we need to be risk takers who are willing to try hard things and have difficult conversations. We need to stop getting hung up on silly things like hymns vs. choruses and instead focus on things like the sermon on the mount, living out the words of Jesus with authenticity.
  4. Going forward, I will continue sharing thoughts and such on this blog. I have invited more millennials that have been in the church or in its leadership to continue the journey with me. If that interests you then stick around. If you want to add to the conversation then go to the homepage and “drop me a line.”
  5. Finally, when this book is out, there is also the possibility that shirts with Millennial Jesus will also be available. I am currently working with Kassidy (the artist who made the cover so epic) to see about making this happen. We are trying our best to make them affordable so that the message of the book can be spread. Stay tuned for more on that.

If all goes smoothly, I will have a finalized manuscript and a finalized cover to the publisher by tomorrow. I will also be working on the prices of the book and where they will be available. Hopefully, all this will go smoothly so that next week I am able to make an announcement.

Until then…

Peace out!


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