The books have landed! I can now offer my own book on my website for cheaper than anywhere else! How do you like them apples Amazon!

So here is the breakdown:

Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Apple/Google/etc pricing of my book:

  • eBook – $3.99
  • Paperback – $12.95
  • Hardcover – $29.95

My Pricing (as in, buying my book on this website or in person):

  • eBook – Working on being able to offer this
  • Paperback – $10.00 in person, $11.89 shipped
  • Hardcover – $20.00 in person, and $23.44 shipped (this one is on backorder still, takes longer to print)

But wait, there’s more!

So, if you didn’t know, you can get Hipster Jesus on a shirt, a mug or on a poster to hang up on your wall. You can read more about that here. My hope is that this book becomes a conversation starter,  the same goes for the shirts, mugs, and posters.

There is a reason I asked my artistic friend to create a hipster Jesus, and if you haven’t heard that story, head over here to find out why. The short version is that I wanted to make Jesus look like a millennial. Cultures all over attempt to create Jesus in their image. This is apparent in the original photo of Jesus that we used to turn into hipster Jesus. In the original photo, Jesus is white, has light wavy hair and light blue eyes. This isn’t what Jesus actually looked like, but this is common practice in many cultures. Jesus comes in all shapes and skin tones based on where the artist rendering His image lives.

We also wanted Jesus to look like the people group who is most absent from church today. To see Jesus looking more like those outside the church than inside is almost jarring for some, but that’s some of the reason it was done. We want people to react, to think, to dialogue about the state of the church today, of those who are in and those who are out. We wanted conversation…

Help keep the conversation going :

You get a discount on a shirt, mug or poster if you buy the book. Heres how it works:

  1. Go to or simply click on “shop” on the navigation bar.
  2. Go to the book (paperback for now) and add it to the cart.
  3. Click “continue shopping” or go back to the link above and you will now see all the items on sale. Shirts, mugs, and posters will now be 10% off.
  4. Add whatever you want to the cart and proceed with the checkout process.
  5. Wait for your stuff to come in the mail and when it does, talk about Jesus and His church with anyone who asks!!!!!

That’s it!

Books will start shipping next week (April 2) and the shirts, mugs, and posters ship once the printing finishes printing.

Let me know if you have questions!

Until next time…

Peace out!


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