Maybe I should change the name… We’ll see…

Happy Reformation Day! Martin Luther droppin’ thesis…es… thesi… whatever the plural form of a thesis is… like a baller 500 years ago!

Oh yeah, its also Halloween I guess. My kids are decked out ready to trick or treat tonight. I hope today lives up to the hype. Especially since millennials ruin everything.

Haven’t you heard? Get your favorite google device ready, because Google lives in peoples houses now and is always listening… maybe you’re like me and just use good old fashion to do your learning. However you get your learning on, do me a favor and let’s try this experiment. Google this phrase:

Why millennials ruined Halloween

For real? See, what’s extra special is the “why millennials ruin _______” doesn’t stop there. Search these too:

Why millennials are ruining the workplace

Why millennials ruined music

Why millennials ruin everything

…and if that’s not enough… check this out (click it):

Here are 70 things millennials have killed

Someone seriously researched all the things the media, corporate America, etc. say millennials have ruined or killed. There is seriously a list with 70 items on it and each item is linked to an article where someone said sincerely that millennials ruined a thing. The list covers everything from beer to the Canadian tourism industry. I mean… for real?

As a millennial, I have one thing to say. We aren’t you and that’s a good thing. The metaphorical “you” is every generation that has come before us. Guess what, ya’ll are pretty messed up. Sure there are great things about every generation prior to our own, but you all are far from perfect. This list, these stories, these google search results say one thing about every generation previous… they are scared/opposed/refusing change. Now believe me, millennials are plenty messed up, but they sure cant be expected to bare the blame of ruining all of these things. Thats just silly.

Whats funny to me is the fact that this has all played out before. Every generation comes into its own and every generation before it has a fit about it. Boomers made thwir parents mad by going to woodstock, Gen cers pissed off their parents By creating the internet and stuff. Millennials are currently making everyone mad and its because we are so different (apparently). We aren’t our parent’s generation or our grandparents. We may very well be a reaction against it. So yeah… we do stuff differently.

Things need to change folks… Things are going so well if you ask me. The church needs to be renewed. Christianity needs to become relevant again. The country needs to figure out what it’s problem is and get it solved. doing the same thing over and over again isn’t a solution.

Different is good. New is even called for in the Bible:

Psalm 96:1 Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.

It may be referring to singing, but in general, I believe God want’s us to be looking for new inventive ways to engage this world on His behalf. Or we could do the standard internet thing and simply attribute blame to people who are different.

I choose the former…

I hope you do too…

Until next time…

Peace out!


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