I went to college with Ryan. We both played rugby (though I can’t remember if we played at the same time) and we had at least one or two classes together. He married a woman who I sort of grew up with name Megan. I was a punk to Megan growing up. Byron and I both were (here’s Byron’s story if you missed it). We always saw each other at church camp and various quiz meets (if you don’t know what that is you didn’t grow up Nazarene) and being that Byron and I were so mature, we were turds to girls like Megan. I had kind of forgotten about all of my turd-ish behavior until I saw Megan again in college.

It feels like a small world when someone you have known from childhood grows up and marries another person you recently met at school. The way paths cross and life stories combine is a fascinating thing to observe. Ryan is a lot like that last few guest bloggers we have had on the website. He is a millennial (or at least he says he self-identifies as one) and is currently a pastor. We are privileged to hear some of his stories, but before we do I want to introduce you to him properly. Here is a quick bio from the man himself:

My name is Ryan Albaugh and I am an Associate Pastor (which means I do a little bit of everything, including youth, small groups, and outreach ministries) at Mesa First Church of the Nazarene in Mesa Arizona.  

I first felt called into ministry when I was 16 years-old and then spent eight years running from that call because I believed God couldn’t use me.  I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Sociology, and once I decided to stop running from my call to ministry I attended and graduated Nazarene Theological Seminary with a Masters degree in Intercultural Studies.  

I spent the past four and a half years as a youth pastor in a rural mountain community in northern California and moved to Arizona to take my current position just three months ago.

My beautiful and wonderful wife (Megan) and I have two great and exhausting kids under the age of two, Caleb and Paisley.  When I’m not pastoring and chasing my kids, I enjoy photography, bacon, watching YouTube, and smoking fine cuts of meat.  

My first memory of Josiah was when he expertly portrayed Jesus in the original Nazbo rap video (look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen it).

You really don’t have to do that last thing Ryan suggested. It was the source of a lot of awkward situations where complete strangers would walk up to me and say “Hey Jesus.” Actually, it’s a free country and a hilarious video, do what you want.

No for real, people called me Jesus for the majority of my freshmen year in college. It was special. Anywho, tomorrow we hear from Ryan. Stick around.

Until next time…

Peace out!


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