Moose is a swell guy. He started as a friend of a friend. That mutual friend was a guy named Byron. Read some of his life here. Moose also knew my other friend, Byron’s older brother Will. You can hear more of Will’s story here. Byron regularly told me about this guy named Moose all the time and always insisted that I needed to meet him or at least have a conversation with him. He knew we were similar guys. Both of us were Pastors, both had started as lead pastors at a very young age in relation to our generations habits (millennials don’t go to church much less lead them). We had a lot in common, so finally, we connected.

We talked on the phone for a number of hours and it was really great to hear from someone else who was going through similar life circumstances. It’s a rare thing for me to find someone who can almost completely relate to my situation. Someone who is younger, in charge of a church, married, etc. is hard to find. So naturally, I asked if he wanted to add to the conversation of this blog. I think the church needs to hear as many stories as possible, especially for the next generation of leadership. So today at 1 pm (PST) Moose (ok his name is actually Matt) will share a first he had in ministry. It’s pretty deep.

Before we here about him, here is a little on Moose and his short account of how he became a pastor:

I was called to ministry when I was a teenager, ignoring it for a few years to dabble in music, when while at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, God led me to ministry and the program for it. After Trevecca, I moved to Kansas City where I was a youth/worship pastor while I attended Nazarene Theological Seminary. After living there for 5 years and meeting my wife Brooke, I moved to New Philadelphia, OH where I was the Associate Pastor of Worship and Assimilation. Currently, I am in my second year of being a lead pastor in Warren, OH. I’m 31, and our kids are furry with a dog named Maverick and a cat named Ryan. I’m currently the worst at Fantasy Football…

He’s not lying about that last one. He is currently holding down last place in our fantasy football league and has been for most of the season. Also, he is a Browns fan.

Sorry, I know, salt on an open wound… My bad…

Anyways, welcome Moose.

Everyone else, stick around because in a couple hours we get the privilege of sharing in his story.

Peace out!


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