Heres why:

I was invited to be part of this amazing “grand experiment” my denomination is exploring. Basically, I spent a little less than a week with other millennial pastors. Most were also lead pastors who had eerily similar ministerial situations to mine. I say eerily because I can count on one finger the number of times I have met a pastor in my exact situation (age, marital status, kids, ministerial vocations, etc.). Yes, I have only met, in person,  one other pastor who is my age, is married with kids and is the sole pastor of a church…. just one… I suppose I should say I know some and have had conversations over the phone or via social media… but never have I been surrounded by so many in my exact situation.

It was amazing!

This grand experiment was designed to be more than just a hang out with other youngins. It is a cohort of individuals who will be intentionally mentors by more senior pastors within the denomination for the next three years. This past gathering, we were stretched, challenged, asked to spend 22 hrs. in silence and even given the opportunity to share openly what our struggles were with one another.

That last one was huge…

Pastors Aren’t Supposed to Have Struggles…

Guess what… we do…

This week was life-giving. Before going I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed, unprepared and undertrained for the task at hand. These feelings were a huge part of why I wrote this book (more on that soonish). In fact, I wrote a chapter called “learning to be unprepared.” After this week I realized I wasn’t the only struggling with these thoughts and feelings.

This cohort invitation was perfectly timed. I realized I was not alone and that there are people out there who want to invest in not only my personal success but also the success of my ministry.

I wrote a book and said “I wish my church trained me more” and they respond by saying “your right, how about some intentional mentoring.”

I love it.

So long story short. I have been busy. I have been traveling, dealing with family, and leading a church. I want to share all of this with all of you and will do my best to continue blogging my journey as a pastor and as a young author, but we will see what my future holds.

There is just not enough time in the day.

So… until next time…

Peace out!


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