Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter:

I am on the phone with a guy who said the words “Lead Pastor.”

I sent my resume to a couple different places and I had some offers, all of which were as an Associate Pastor. This made sense to me, it was familiar, comfortable, and not only was what I was looking for, it was what I was used to. It was comfortable. So why did he say the words lead pastor? I had to remind myself that some of the districts I applied to were for positions as an associate as well as a lead pastor.

Some of our conversation:

Me: “You realize how old I am don’t you?”

DS: “Sure I do, well actually
just to be clear how old are you?”

Me: “I’m 28 and just to be even more
clear I have never been a lead pastor”

DS: “ I don’t think they will mind
one bit. Do I have your permission
to give them your resume?”

Me (Laughing): “Sure, why not.”

Who would be crazy enough to pick my resume over anyone else with more experience, or any experience for that matter? Who would decide this untested 28 year should be picked as a candidate to lead a church? Who would pick the millennial, the guy from a generation who decided church wasn’t important anymore? I was confident I wouldn’t get a call, but for whatever weird reason it seemed like God wanted me to say yes.

Good one God…

Who would pick me?

They would.

They picked me.

Thats all you get… stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading!

Peace Out!


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