Here is a sneak peek from chapter four from my book “The Millennial Pastor!” Enjoy:

More often than not I have to assure people over and over again that I really am in charge of a church. Not only that, half the time I would have to remind these people that the church I’m in charge of was still in existence. It seems that the whole “our church was on the brink of closing shop” wasn’t a complete exaggeration.

To be fair, on one hand, I would have to admit I don’t look like your stereotypical lead/senior pastor. Aside from being 28, I may not dress the way most people think a pastor should dress. For instance, I am big on wearing comfortable clothing. On any given weekday I will be in jeans or shorts, depending on weather, and a t-shirt. If it’s cold enough or wet enough (did I mention it rains in the PNW?), I’ll more than likely be wearing something waterproof that has a hood. Since becoming a lead pastor, I have worn a tie twice (more on that in a couple chapters). I dress very casually and for that reason I’m sure first impressions are stacked against me.

Growing up I had to dress in slacks, a button-up shirt, and a tie. It was just how we did church. The pastor wore a three-piece suit, and my youth pastor did as well. It didn’t seem to stop him from being a typical youth pastor, i.e. playing tackle football with us,  wrestling with us, or beating us badly at Xbox. Still, something about pastors and church people dressing nice stuck with me, like it obviously does with almost everyone. Because of this shared image of how a pastor should look, I was regularly judged on my appearance.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing nice clothes to church, truly. There is, however, something wrong with judging someone who doesn’t. Maybe they can’t afford to? Maybe they wear business slacks all week and want to wear something more comfortable on the weekend? Maybe they just don’t want to wear dress clothes. Trust me, there’s nothing in the Bible that says Thou shalt not enter my house without freshly pressed slacks.

This chapter dives into the stereotypes we assign to church and their pastors. Read more about that here and stick around to hear more stories like this on Friday. Our guest blogger will is also a millennial pastor and is leading a church in the midwest. Stay tuned!

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