Here is the final teaser from my book, The Millennial Pastor, from a chapter called “So Now What?

I have no idea… maybe I’ll write a book? Hahaha…

Looks like I did. Maybe we need to talk about this more. Maybe millennials need to stop complaining that the church is full of hypocrites. Maybe those who are “more seasoned” need to stop complaining that the pesky kids need to just get a job. 

There is a huge disconnect, and it isn’t getting better. 

Church leaders need to take a chance on the next generation, even if it costs them something, especially if it costs them something. 

The next generation needs to do something…. anything… like get out of their parents’ basements, stop playing video games and taking selfies. Go do something, Millennials! Especially something you think you might fail at. It’s the only way you can grow, mature and contribute to society. It’s also the only way you can truly follow Jesus. 

The church needs to make it a priority to create space for new pastors to learn, to grow and to even fail and receive nothing but grace in spite of it. That is overwhelmingly my story and the reason it is continuing.

On more than one occasion, I have seriously thought about calling it quits on being a pastor. The interesting thing is that none of those times was during this past year. If anything, this past year has taught me over and over again how much God shows up when you call on Him. 

It seems to me that God wants us to takes steps of faith, to do things that scare us, to walk upon the water and trust that He will do the impossible. God wants us to grow, but growth can’t happen without adversity. I think the biggest seasons of growth happen when we have to take a set of faith and try doing something that frightens us. 

Thats it. YOu’ll just have to wait for the book to finally be published to read more. If you want to see the latest updates on the process click here. Stick around, tomorrow we get to hear from another pastor who has worked alongside millennials while he himself is not one. Should be cool!

Until next time…

Peace out!


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