I think I’ll dub this “Millennial Mondays” since it’s Monday and I am a Millennial. #thankscaptainobvious

Maybe you didn’t know what a hashtag was. Maybe your town is the one in Footloose… but instead of dancing, they outlawed the internet… so because of this you don’t know what Facebook is, much less a hashtag. Or, if I’m being honest, maybe you are “more seasoned” (cough* elderly cough*) and just don’t really get what the fuss is about. If that’s the case, sorry I was rude and said you grew up in the Footloose town. My bad…

Anywho, if you weren’t aware, hashtags are a big deal nowadays. Weirdly enough they have been around for a long time, as in they have been used since 1988 according to some. At least that’s what the internet told me here and here. Kinda crazy huh?

The more you know…

Hashtags are super popular with Millennials since they became an official part of Twitter’s coding in 2009. Hashtags are now everywhere and are simply used to link anything using the same hashtag together. So basically if you use #blessed in a social media post, it becomes clickable and will show you everyone else’s post who used the same hashtag. That won’t work here though, as I’m sure most of you have tried to click the hashtags in this post by now.

I find hashtags super annoying, so as a result I use them sarcastically or ironically most of the time. I think too many people try using them to garner more attention, more views for their media posts. When I use them, I make sure it does the opposite. I regularly created ridiculously long hashtags that are impossible to read:


Sometimes I use hashtags seriously, but most of the time it is some sort of joke about how others use it. #blessed is a cool idea, but they way it’s used really bothers me. Far too often I see it used to emphasize just how much better a person feels they are than anyone else. It becomes a pride filled proclamation instead of an actual statement of glorification for the God of the universe. So in my own little way I am trolling those who misuse that hashtag and maybe, ever so slightly, trying to remind people why they should say they are blessed.

When you see #blessed as my author name (if you haven’t noticed yet, that is indeed my blogging handle) or as the title of this post I hope it makes you think. How do we use the word blessed? Is it just a catchy trend to say “#blessed to be a [football team name] fan*” because your sports team beat another one? Is that really a blessing? Does God really care that your team beat the other one?

Anyways, once my book is published, you will see more of this #havingfunwithhashtagsnonsense as it is riddled with hashtags. Super duper fun huh?


Peace out!


* Actual tweet I read today

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