Here whats happening as of late… Late being the keyword for this book…

  1. I won’t be on the blog as much for a while. I am about to do quite a bit of traveling, some of which may have to do with discussing my book. I want to keep everyone in the loop on whats happening, so I still plan on sharing at least once a week. Again, I am a husband, dad, and a lead pastor, so life is busy but I want to keep everyone in the loop as to whats happening with the Millennial Pastor!

  2. The book is being processed by the publisher. I will do my best to keep the countdown on the homepage accurate. Once it hits zero that means you can get the book at all the places. I will also make sure to post a video telling you about the latest. Spoiler Alert: I will personally have a limited quantity of my book that I can sell for cheaper than Amazon (shipped and all). They will also include some cool free stuff you won’t be able to get anywhere else (bookmarks, handwritten notes, etc).

  3. Shirts… There’s not a lot of great options price wise. I have to buy a huge quantity to resell, otherwise buying one at a time is way too expensive. If anyone out there knows a guy, put me in contact. I would love to be able to offer shirts with Hipster Jesus on them.

That’s it. Stay tuned. Sign up for alerts below, like my facebook page, and until next time…

Peace out!


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