Millennials are accused of being selfish… often… I kind of feel like all humans have that bent, but I’m a millennial… I would say that.

Whats curious about millennials and our interaction with technology is not only how it has shaped us, but how we have informed its development. Take the meme for instance. The image above is an example of what a meme is for all who are curious. The word meme was apparently coined by one Richard Dawkins. He used it to explain human beings desire to self-replicate. The thing they are self-replicating in this case is human behavior or culture in general. So really, meme is literally all about meme!

Get it? It’s all about meme?

It’s a joke…

Anyways, seems more than a little ironic that a generation accused of being focused on self, has also made great contributions to pop culture in the form of memes. You know, those things meant to further self-replication?

I don’t know… could be a stretch. Really I just think they are funny and I like them lots. Here are my favorites regarding all things “Christian.”

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say about that… well… except for maybe this: I made one… can you guess which one is by yours truly?

Until Next time…

Peace out!


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