I just got off the phone with my marketing rep… because I have one I guess…

That is super weird to type and even more weird to read back to myself.

Still, this is happening. This is the journey I am on, the journey I invite you to take with me.

She told me I needed to market myself. Honestly, that makes my skin crawl. It makes me more than a little uncomfortable. I am a pastor, and if you are unaware of this, most pastors make terrible salesmen (or women) much less marketing reps. I would like to believe it has to do with striving to be truthful and honest. When I think of marketing, or selling something, I can’t help but think of a used car salesmen who isn’t that concerned with disclaiming all the issues plaguing the junker he wants to sell you. I can’t do that. The pitch I made in trying to sell a car started with, “Well I broke that so you may want to have it looked at…” I eventually closed the deal, but may have taken a hit on the asking price.

My wife calls me a Blunt-asauros Rex because I may stick my foot in my mouth far too often. Perhaps I have a broken filter, something about hurting feelings and brutal honestly apparently not mixing. I guess we will see how it goes.

So I guess I will write a blog.

In this blog, I think I have decided that I will do a couple simple things (none of which will be marketing). First, I want to tell you about the process. I find it super interesting how book publishing works nowadays. It’s a lot different from what I ever imagined. Secondly, I want to share more “millennial” things since that is the main theme of my book. I find generations to be a poignant topic of discussion, especially with the infighting that seems to go on often between all of them. The final area of blogging I will hopefully touch upon will be the so-called “thoughts and such.” This will be a kind of catchall but in this category I will also be giving teasers to my book.

Hopefully this counts as marketing because it is as close as I’m going to get on my own…


Thanks for reading!

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