It shouldn’t be a thing worth mentioning, but it definitely is. I grew up with a healthy respect for the armed forces. In fact, I talked with a couple different recruiters while in high school and thought about joined one or two different branches myself.  I didn’t end up joining, but thats another story. I have family and friends who have served. Sadly, I also know the families who have lost loved ones to conflicts abroad. Memorial day is a day to remember, to honor lives lost, and to cherish the gift of life.

Unfortunately, I am a millennial, and how I “remember” on a day like today is under severe scrutiny. If you haven’t heard, my generation ruins everything, and memorial day is no exception. Here is a fun visual aide to help better understand this anti-millennial sentiment:

Most headlines I have seen pairing the terms “millennial” with “memorial day” tell stories of a generation who is unaware of the significance of days like today. Millennial perspectives are then paired with terms like “snowflake” or “liberal” which leads down a path of toxicity. We are accused of killing and ruining traditions and institutions and our perspectives are unwelcomed or unwanted.

I think the veterans who died so we could have the freedoms we enjoy would be saddened that we have squandered our gift and reduced it to a petty game of name calling. We have cheapened it with us versus them language. We turn non-political things into some of the most divisive topics, causing our country to become more and more dysfunctional.

Instead of name calling, instead of labeling, finger-pointing or blaming, what if we honor those who gave us the gift of freedom by learning how to treat one another with love an respect once again. When we disagree with one another, wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace if we acted civilly and respected another even if we don’t agree with each other’s perspectives? Our world teaches us to hate, to vilify those we disagree with, and that is simply a shame. Our country and its leaders have given us this example, through political debates, campaign strategies and the incredibly divisive language used when referring to the “other” party in general.

America… we should know better. We do know better. So let’s act like it. Take a look at a feel-good story about a veteran who was involved in something that continues to become more and more divisive in our country every day. Be inspired to have conversations with those you don’t agree with, while still showing them the respect you would hope you were shown in return. Mend bridges and stop building walls of divisions. Check it out:

These two should be at odds and based on the examples set by our countries leaders, they should literally hate one another. Instead, they are an example what the gift of freedom in action can look like. They are a beautiful picture of what it means to reach a compromise, to agree to disagree, to be united as one and respect one another even when they have different perspectives on the same issue.

We should all strive to take a page out of their book…

Happy Memorial Day ya’ll…

Until next time…

Peace out!


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